About Hi-Res Audio



Did You Know...

  • A growing number of passionate music fans want to be in the studio with their favorite artist or band, to hear their music the way it was intended.
  • More than 100 companies offer Hi-Res Audio devices,  from compatible music servers and receivers to headphones and smartphones.
  • According to the latest research, more than 12 million digital enthusiasts are interested in streaming “studio quality” Hi-Res Audio.
  • There are thousands of Hi-Res albums already available from virtually every major and independent music label.

  • Nearly all of the top music producers and engineers are recording mixing and mastering in Hi-Res Audio.
  • You can currently purchase Hi-Res Music downloads from nearly two dozen digital music stores worldwide.


Vinyl-> Tapes-> CDs-> downloads -> Streaming-> What is High Resolution Audio?

Over the last few decades, music fans have seen numerous changes in how they listen to their favorite recordings. Hi-Res Audio is simply studio quality music that you can download or stream, which delivers the kind of listening experience and advanced features the producer and engineer intended for you to hear. 


Studio Quality SOUND AND Digital Convenience

Until recently technical limitations have forced fans to choose between superior sound quality and the enhanced convenience associated with digital delivery.  Now, thanks to High Resolution Audio, consumers can finally get both - without compromises.  Finally they can listen to their favorite music the way it was meant to be heard!



Start listening in Hi-Res Audio today

You can check here to see if your favorite artist has recordings in Hi-Res!